Ear Piercing (15 mins) FREE with the purchase of earrings $35-$75

Piercing the skin or cartilage of the ear or lobe.  With the use of the safest advanced sterile piercing system on the market today "Inverness", piercings will heal fast and safe.  Inverness earrings have rounded backs for comfort and will not embed into the back of the ear.

Check out our display of a variety of beautiful earrings from cute flower to stylish square cut designs for all ages in 14k gold, 14k rose gold, 14k white gold, 24k gold plated, surgical steel and titanium.

Nose Piercing (15 mins) $47

Piercing the nose with Pro Pierce Hybrid Piercing System that is sterile and hypo allergenic.  Available in 14K Gold, 14K Rose Gold, 14K White Gold, Surgical Steel and Gold Plated.