NON-RMT Relaxation Massage (60 mins) $70

Unwind your mind and body during a relaxation massage performed by one of our certified Estheticians.  Relieve stress, anxiety, headaches, fluid, poor circulation and muscle pain with the use of essential oils and healing hands.

NON-RMT Relaxation Massage (75 mins) $85

Add that extra time to cover the whole body from head to toe.

NON-RMT Hot Stone Massage (60 mins) $85

Relax the body from head to toe. Massaging with the aid of hot stones and the healing hands of one of our certified Estheticians. This treatment releases toxins, increases circulation and relaxes tight muscles.

Essential Massage (90 mins) $115

Enjoy a Relaxation Massage and an Essential Facial during one appointment. Relax while having a body massage from head to toe while ending with a facial customized to suit your skins needs.  

Body Polish (90 mins) $99

An exfoliation from head to toe removing unwanted dead skin cells from the whole body.  The skin naturally exfoliates every 28 days, however as we age this process slows down creating a dull, uneven skin, creating blemishes in unusual places. A body polish leaves your skin feeling oxygenated and silky smooth.  Using dry brush techniques on the body and a gentle scrub on the face. Followed by a relaxing moisturizing massage of the body and face.  Recommended every season change.

Back Treatment (60 mins) $75

A detoxifying treatment for an area that is hard to reach.  We deeply cleanse and exfoliate removing dead skin and black heads. The skin is balanced with our mud mask and a relaxing massage is given to end the treatment.

Registered Massage Therapy
(30 mins) $60 (45 mins) $70 (60 mins) $80

Massage Therapy benefits people of all ages. RMT focuses on relieving painful muscle tension, improving circulation and increasing joint flexibility and RMT is covered under most benefit packages.

RMT Deep Tissue Massage
(30 mins) $60 (45 mins) $70 (60 mins) $80

Our registered massage therapist offers a range of therapeutic techniques that are adjusted to the specific conditions of the individual needs. With the use of basalt stones, deep tissue, energy line stimulation and therapeutic stretching chronic tension, pain and stress in the body can be released.

RMT Hot Stone Massage
(30 mins) $75 (45 mins) $85 (60 mins) $95

Enjoy a relaxing and warm session with heated basalt stones and Swedish massage techniques delivered by an RMT. As the heat from the stones release into the muscle you are left with a relaxed muscle.

RMT Prenatal Massage
(30 mins) $60 (45 mins) $70 (60 mins) $80

Obtain the same massage therapy goals of pain relief and reduced anxiety from our registered massage therapist who is certified in prenatal massage. Everyone carries the weight of their baby differently and experiences different discomfort. Each massage is specifically tailored to the needs of a pregnant women from their symptoms to allow stress, tension and pain to melt away.