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Teeth Whitening & Hair Tinting

ORGANIC LED TEETH WHITENING (3-5 Shades) $60 (5-8 Shades) $99

This non-peroxide gel is made up off all natural ingredients.  Results are 3-5 shades being a single treatment and 5-8 shades being a double treatment  guaranteed whiter instant results in 20 minutes.  Safe for vaneer, crowns and caps.  This service is offered by Smooth Spot medi spa services.


EYELASH TINTING (30 Minutes) $19

Tinting of the eyelash's in blue-black, black or dark brown.  Giving the hair long lasting color. Great for those who don't want to use mascara or are going to be swimming and don't want the bother of mascara.  Best results are on blonde or light colored hair.


EYEBROW TINTING (15 Minutes) $14

Tinting of the eyebrow's in dark brown, brown, auburn or grey.  Giving the hair long lasting color.  The eyebrows are the window of the face and the face just doesn't look right without them.  Great for those who have light or grey eyebrows. Ask us about our eyebrow mousse for home use between tints.



Tinting of both eyelash's and eyebrow's during one appointment.


Check out our BLINC products. These products compliment tinting prior to tinting, during the wearing of tinting or after tint has faded.


Our BLINC MASCARA is water-resistant, tubing the lashes which differes from the painted on coverage of conventional mascaras. Once applied the tubes encase your lashes within 60 seconds. They will not run, smudge, clump or flake, even when you cry. Removal is easy - with the use of water and pressure, the tubes slide of effortlessly. No harsh removers needed.


Our BLINC BROW MOUSSE holds brows like gel, tints hair and fills in sparse areas with water-resistant colour. Eyebrow mousse creates the perfect brow line, in 60 seconds it cannot fade, run or smudge even if you sweat or wear it in harsh weather conditions. Perfect for those looking for an alternative to eyebrow pencils.

Important Information

To get long lasting results from tinting, we recommend wearing large sunglasses to prevent color fading from the sun.  We also encourage that you use a gentle professional make-up remover daily to remove any make-up on the eye.

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