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EAR PIERCING (15-30 Minutes) FREE with the purchase of earrings

Piercing the skin or cartilage of the ear or lobe.  With the use of the safest most advanced sterile piercing system on the market today "Inverness", piercings will heal fast and safe.

Check out our display of a variety of beautiful earrings from cute flower designs to stylish square cut designs for all ages in medical grade 24k gold plated, medical grade stainless steel and medical grade titanium.

Our Earrings have a rounded back for comfort and will not embed into the back of the ear.


NOSE PIERCING (15 Minutes) $47

Nose piercing is a quick procedure piercing the skin and cartilage of the nose.  When done professionally, this procedure is simple and painless.  Bend and Wear nose jewelry is available for purchase in 14K yellow or white gold.  Bend and Wear nose jewelry is designed to bend along the inside of the nose so it won't fall out.

Nose piercing system also sold for home use piercing - $47


Important Information

After piercing we recommend you use an antiseptic solution designed for piercing and rotate the piercing in one direction morning and night for 4 weeks.

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