Make-up Application (60 mins) $56

Customized make-up application for any occasion.  Whether a night out or a wedding we can customize an application for you.  We are flexible and take suggestions to help you look and feel your best.

Make-up & Eyelash Application (75 mins) $70

Customized make-up application with the application of false strip lashes. Choose from a variety of false strip lashes to create the desired look. These eyelashes are applied with an adhesive glue designed for quick application and are perfect for the day or event. This type of false lashes are designed only to last the day. If you are looking for eyelashes that last longer, check out our Eyelash Extensions.

Make-up Trial Consultation (45 mins) $56

Trial run, consulting make-up to be used for your application appointment.  Feel at ease after a trial run.  Choose and confirm the style of application to be used for that special day. Great choice for a bride, think smart and book on a not-so-special, special day.

Make-up Lesson (60 mins) $66

Learn tips and tricks of the trade that can be easily applied to daily make-up routines or evening wear. This is a great tool for mothers who want to teach their daughters how to apply make-up properly. This service can be booked together or in groups.