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Skin Firming Wraps & FIT Detox

SKIN FIRMING WRAPS (15 Minutes) $35

Try our new ultimate body wrap that promotes maximum tightening and firming to your skin. This botanically-based product improves microcirculation to release toxins that are trapped in our cells. Toxins make our skin cells swell; by removing the toxins we are natuarlly promoting healthy tissue. The body applicator continuously hydrates for firmer, smoother more youthful-looking skin where it's applied. This wrap can be applied during any of our current service or booked as a service on its own. The wrap is placed on a target area and left on for a minimum of 45 minutes, after removing the product you will continue to experience results over the next 72 hours.


FIT Ionic Detox (45 Minutes) $50

Your feet are placed in a 3 in 1 Ionic Detox Foot Bath.  The body is detoxed, blood circulation is increased and pain is alleviated.  The 3 in 1 FIT Detox machine helps the body through the use of ionization.  Just like standing in a waterfall or walking on the beach, ions have a powerful charge that help the body cleanse more effectively with no side effects.  It's natural, it's safe and it works great!  3 powerful therapies in 1 system.  Far Infrared Heat Belt - helps increase bood circulation.  Ion Detoxification - safe, easy and complete body detoxification.  Tens - relieves muscle and joint pains and speeds the healing of an injury.


Important Information

To assist the benefits of detoxification drink lots of water and take your multi-vitamin daily.

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